About TapeTech

TapeTech has been the number one selling brand of automatic taping and finishing tools for the drywall industry for over 30 years. TapeTech tools are known for quality design, engineering and performance.

Drywall finishing professionals around the world trust that TapeTech tools are the most dependable and easiest to maintain automatic taping and finishing tools available. We are confident that TapeTech tools are the hardest-working, longest lasting tools in the industry, helping drywall finishers produce the highest quality finishes in less time and with less effort.

We are proud to offer drywall finishers exclusive innovations such as Power Assist® finishing boxes that reduce the effort required by up to 50% compared to standard flat boxes, the MudRunner®, which takes the corner applicator to a new level with effortless application of joint compound to inside and outside corners. The new MAXXBOX® extra high capacity finishing boxes offer the best ratio of capacity to weight to make you more productive than ever.

TapeTech is sold though the most extensive network of Distributors and Dealers in the world, making it convenient to find sales, service and technical support almost wherever you are.

TapeTech has been part of the AMES® Taping Tools family since 1982.



About AMES Taping Tools

Headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, AMES Taping Tools is the industry’s leading provider of drywall finishing tools, supplies and training. AMES pioneered the development of automatic taping and finishing tool technology in the 1930s, dramatically improving the speed, quality and efficiency of the professional finisher. AMES supplies, supports and services residential and commercial interior finishing applications through a network of company-owned and franchise operations in over 180 locations across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit AMES at www.amestools.com or call 800-408-2801; or explore TapeTech at www.tapetech.com or call 800-426-6256.