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      How do I change the cable on my automatic taper?

    • Please refer to the Operations Guide for the 07TT TapeTech automatic taper...

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      Where should the crown level be set on my finishing boxes?

    • There are a lot of variables when finishing drywall, including how straight and flat the wall is, the quality of the drywall installation, the thickness of the wallboard and the associated recess of the tapered joint. Generally speaking, the crown for the finishing boxes is usually set at 0 or 1 for the first coat. This provides the maximum amount of crown and effectively fills in the joint. For the second application, or topping coat, set the crown to 3 or 4. This reduces the crown and fills in any remaining recesses from the first application. If you apply a third coat, such as in Level 5 finishes, set the crown to 5, the least amount of crown. This guideline works for TapeTech Flat, EasyClean® or Power Assist® finishing boxes...

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      When I am using my automatic taper, why does the tape cut at an angle instead of square?

    • This usually happens if you cut the tape when you are still running the taper. This is because you are naturally running the taper at a slight angle to wall. Be sure to stop running the taper befor...

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