TapeTech offers training throughout the year to help you learn firsthand how Automatic Taping & Finishing (ATF) tools or our Continuous Flow System (CFS) can make your company more productive and profitable.

Select the training sessions or product demonstration that's right for you:

How to Use ATF Tools - TapeTech Training Center, Suwanee, GA


If you have been considering making the change from finishing drywall with hand tools to finishing using Automatic Taping & Finishing Tools or if you recently purchased ATF tools and want to improve your finishing skills, this is the training class for you. Our expert training staff will teach you how to use the entire range of ATF tools. You will have plenty of hands-on time to develop strong skills that you can take back to your jobsites.

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On Site Training - Standard ATF Tools or Continuous Flow System


If you cannot find the time to come to our Training Facility in Georgia or if you have a group of people who want training, our custom Tool Training program is right for you. We will send one of our trainers to your jobsite to teach you and your crew everything they need to know to maximize the productivity that comes from finishing with standard ATF tools or the innovative Bazooka Continuous Flow System.

You choose the number of training days and we'll quote the cost of the training based on the location and duration. This training option is available only in the United States and Canada at this time.

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