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Bazooka Continuous Flow Pump


The Bazooka Continuous Flow Pump was designed in conjunction with Graco specifically to pump joint compound for high production drywall finishing applications. The Endurance Pump, MaxPower Motor and Advantage Drive System combine to create the most rugged and reliable pump on the market. The internal hopper filter maximizes material usage by allowing joint compound collected during the wipe down process to be re-used without fear of debris entering the pump. The 25 gallon hopper can be used as a tool wash station and includes an air tight lid so compound can be preserved for next day use. With the optional CTFIL, standard ATF tools can be filled while the continuous flow tools are in use.

  • Also Available:
  • CTEPMP: CFS Pump - Europe (230V / 50 Hz). Available through European Distributors and Dealers only.
  • CTAPMP: CFS Pump - Australia (230V / 50 Hz) with 242005 adapter. Available through Australian and New Zealand Distributors and Dealers only.
  • CTUPMP: CFS Pump - UK (110V). Available through UK Distributors and Dealers only.
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  • MaxPower Motor with lifetime warranty
  • Endurance Pump with horizontal design for easier pump loading
  • 25 Gallon hopper with air tight lid
  • Quick-release motor removal makes it easy to move the unit from one floor to another
  • Advantage Driveā„¢ System links the motor and the pump.
  • Integrated Tool Tray
  • Max Flo design efficiently loads compound
  • Flat-proof tires


  • 50' Hose (257133)
  • 25' Whip Hose (240793)
  • Z-Swivel Attachment (24D166)
  • Hopper Filter (16C298)
  • Recirculation Hose

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