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Bazooka Continuous Flow Taper


The Bazooka Continuous Flow Taper connects to the Continuous Flow Pump (CTPMP) to simultaneously apply drywall tape and the correct amount of joint compound to all types of drywall joints. The taper features an inline handle with dual trigger and weighs just 7 pounds. The new creaser wheel design and tool-less hose connection make this high production drywall finishing tool even easier to use. Use with CTVLV for wireless, radio frequency (RF) control of the flow of joint compound from the pump to the taper.

  • Applies compound and tape to butt joints and flat joints on walls and ceilings
  • Applies compound and tape to internal corners on walls and ceilings
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  • 50% lighter than standard taper
  • Tool-less hose connection
  • Inline handle controls the creaser wheel and stops mud flow without oozing
  • Quick-clean plate cover provides easy access to clean the head


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