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16TTIO - Inside Offset Corner Mud Head


The TapeTech 16TTIO Mud Head was designed to be attached to the 14TT MudRunner, 35TT or 50TT Corner Applicator to apply joint compound to internal 135 degree offset corners (Greater than 90 degrees) prior to placing a paper faced or plastic corner trim onto the corner. Some examples of these corner trims include No-Coat internal offset corners (Structural Laminate Drywall Corner), USG Paper Faced Bead Products (OffSet Corner Paper Faced Bead), Straitflex offset corners (High Tech PVC Based Composite Material) and Phillips Paper Faced Bead and Trims (Splay Inside Corner Trim).

  • Discontinued: January 2011 (limited inventory still available)
  • Replaced by: No replacement
  • Parts Availability: Limited parts available
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  • Discontinued


  • Discontinued

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