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7" Power Assist® Finishing Box


The TapeTech Power Assist® Finishing Box automatically dispenses the proper amount of joint compound and feathers the edges of butt joints and flat joints in one pass. The Power Assist® Finishing Box helps produce professional results every time with approximately one-half of the effort required when using standard EasyClean® Finishing Boxes. The Power Assist® finishing boxes feature a larger capacity that holds more joint compound than the standard EasyClean® Finishing Box and the pressure plate removes easily for faster, more efficient cleaning. The adjustable crown setting dial allows the user to easily adjust the amount of joint compound applied over the tape on the drywall joint. This is very helpful when progressing from the first finishing application to the second or third application. The pivoting axle helps to compensate when the drywall or sheetrock on one side of the joint is higher than the other side of the joint. We highly recommend using the EasyFinish™ bent handles when using the Power Assist® Finishing Boxes. The ergonomic bend provides leverage and helps to activate the Power Assist® mechanism.

  • Discontinued: January 2016
  • Replaced by: PAHC07
  • Parts Availability: Common wear parts available
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  • Reverse Springs for power assisted finishing
  • EasyClean® Pressure Plate
  • Anodized Aluminum Box
  • Adjustable Crown Control
  • Solid Brass Blade
  • Pivoting Axle


  • Extra 7" Blade (200001)
  • Extra Skid Cover (209006)
  • Extra Skid Cover (209039)

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