Like a health plan for your tools, ProMaintenance is the FIRST AND ONLY preventative maintenance program in the industry.  Add a 2-year ProMaintenance plan when you purchase a new TapeTech Automatic Taper, Finishing Box, Corner Finisher or Loading Pump to keep your tools running better, longer and reducing or preventing costly repairs.

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How Does ProMaintenance Work?

Quarterly Wear Parts  

Each quarter, we will send you a box with a three-month supply of the common wear parts for the tool(s) that are covered by  a ProMaintenance Plan. You should change these parts each month, even if you don’t believe they are fully worn. It is this  regular preventative maintenance that prevents unnecessary wear on more expensive “non-wear” parts.

Annual Service  

Approximately 11 months and 23 months after you register your ProMaintenance Plan, we will send you an e-mail notification  telling you it is time to send your tool for annual service. We will completely clean the tool and change 100% of the parts  listed on the respective plan’s document included to the right. We will also change any other parts that we find to be worn or  not functioning properly. You will get the tool back in top condition and ready to go back to work.

BONUS! ProService for all your TapeTech Tools  

By purchasing a ProMaintenance Plan for your new TapeTech Tools, you also enjoy a 10% discount on all ProService  repairs, including repairs for your TapeTech Tools not eligible for a ProMaintenance Plan*.


*  Excludes all Bazooka® Continuous Flow System tools and accessories.

For all the details about ProMaintenance, click here to view or download the brochure.